It's Time For A New Perspective! 

After the presidential election, my family, friends and a whole bunch of my neighbors, started having some serious conversations about how it was time for something different to happen in our country.

We talked about empowering others to become more involved in the political process. We discussed how our community needed to evolve to become more inclusive for everyone. We agreed that we were not seated at the table of our government and that we simply do not need more Millionaires or Career Politicians running to represent us.

So what do we need...

We need authentic, working-class and middle-class people to run for and win seats all across the nation to shape the public policy that affects us all… Our vast perspectives are important and need to be heard.

  • We need people who believe in creating a 21st century economy, which is built on the foundation of a living wage, affordable housing, and financial investments in rebuilding our infrastructure and transit systems.
  • We need champions for public education who will create pathways to success from pre-k to debt free higher education.
  • We need people who will stand for fair and equal justice, gun control reform, the expansion of social security, and improved medicare for all – since healthcare should be a right not a privilege.
  • We, the people, must protect our values, preserve our environment and fulfill our obligations to our military members who stand and stood on guard for us.

I am not the manufactured candidate who normally gets recruited to run for public office."

It's Time For A New Perspective,

Michael Hepburn, M.S.Ed.